TalkTalk: The twists and turns of the cyber crisis continue

iStock_000006935624_LargeThe story of the TalkTalk cyber crisis and the company’s response continues to unfold as we saw inevitable outrage over the week-end with stories galore of customers with “potentially hacked bank accounts” raising a whole new raft of rumours, heating the debate and breeding more noise about what might have happened and just how great the impacts may be.

The story was moved by the CEO (quite cleverly) to the broader focus of “cyber risk is a wider problem the UK needs to face up to and address” with calls for more Government support to tackle cyber crime.  A fair appeal and one raised by me in my earlier blog – regulation and control or assurance in this domain is very much required –  even though challenging to apply in a reasonable manner. Continue reading

Cyber Security and Business Continuity: The stats & the steps

National Cyber Security MonthAs the relationships between businesses and customers move increasingly online, last week’s denial-of-service attack on HSBC was a stark reminder of how dangerous cyber attacks have become. ICT continuity has quickly risen to become a top business and policy priority, and essential to safeguarding organisational survival.

Most organisations, regardless of size or sector, are dependent on their ICT infrastructure to deliver products and services. Any disruption can negatively impact operational capability, and by extension, do damage to reputation, profitability and even potential for future growth.

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