About the Authors


This blog is a collaborative effort of the Steelhenge team – from the MD to Project Managers and Associates. We are constantly learning from the exercises and workshops that we run for our international clients, and we try and develop this into new crisis thinking and innovation wherever possible.

All our contributors have specific areas of expertise as well as years of experience across crisis management, crisis communications, business continuity and emergency management.

We hope you enjoy following us, gaining an insight into our world and getting our thought leadership hot off the press!

Meet the Steelhenge experts:

Dominic Cockram
Founder and Managing Director of Steelhenge. Pioneer of simulation exercises with over 20 years experience in business continuity and crisis management. Dominic is an experienced speaker determined to make the world more resilient.

Michael Gilbert OBE
Associate Director and resident gas man (with an OBE for services to the industry, no less). Other specialities include the electricity, oil, water and rail sectors.

Andy Cuerel
Senior Consultant. Years of experience managing product recalls in the food sector, specialising in crisis comms and business continuity.



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