No Need to Flap – It’ll Never Happen!

By Andy Cuerel

“Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau”
Economist Irving Fisher in October 1929, three days before the stock market crash that triggered the Great Depression

“Y2K is a crisis without precedent in human history”
Byte magazine editor Edmund DeJesus -1998

“We can close the book on infectious diseases”
Surgeon General of the United States William H. Stewart, speaking to the U.S. Congress in 1969 Continue reading

‘ANTIFRAGILE – Things that gain from disorder’

By Nick Morgan

In his new book, a sequel to the hugely successful ‘The Black Swan’ (2007), Nassim Nicholas Taleb frames the concept of ‘antifragile’.

taleb-illustration_2415090bTaleb’s concept is simple and his argument is convincing – some organisations collapse in a crisis, others genuinely benefit from them.  The ability to thrive in adversity (but ethically and never at the expense of others) is the hallmark of his ‘antifragile’ concept.  His simplest example, and one of the most powerful images in the book, is of fire – a fragile candle will be extinguished by a gentle wind, but an ‘antifragile’ flame will grow in the wind, spread and burn more fiercely.

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