Talking of Crisis Management

CMC logoThe 2013 Crisis Management Conference takes place next week in London. There has been a very strong uptake for this inaugural event which shows that there is certainly a desire “out there” to talk more about strategic crisis management, the issues organisations face and to exchange views on managing crises better.

The Conference will kick off with Dr Robert MacFarlane outlining the UK Cabinet Office view on Crisis Management and setting the wider context of why it is a key factor in any organisation’s resilience strategy.

This will be followed by speakers from the BBC, Unilever and Goldmans who will give a fascinating insight to a range of diverse contexts, experiences and learning in crisis management.  Don Randall of the Bank of England will be speaking both of his own experience and the role of the Cross Sector Safety and Security Communications programme instigated for the London 2012 Olympics.

In contrast, Sue Wolstenholme, current President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations will present the communications perspective and deliberate on how this could and should link to wider organisational crisis management activities – yet so often seems not to do so.

Professor Dominic Elliott adds the academic glamour to the day and will bring insight from his research over many years in the crisis management arena.  The last session will be a panel discussion with representatives from the British Standards Institution committee developing the new Crisis Management standard (BS 11200).  Professor Ed Borodzicz and Kevin Brear will lead this session with an open forum discussion allowing delegates to express their views and maybe influence the direction or scope of the Standard.  Time has been allowed to encourage debate and discussion  throughout the day, mediated by Conference Chairman, Dominic Cockram.

A report will be issued following the conference to continue the conversation and build towards the next seminar later in 2013, and the 2014 conference.


To see the full programme and to register for the Crisis Management Conference 2014 please click here!

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