Apple – will it prove to be a resilient company?


By Dominic Cockram

img_07272Shares in Apple have fallen 44% since their high in September last year, recording one of the most spectacular collapses in Wall Street history. Their decline has not been marked by any crisis or scandal.  Rather their success has simply begun to wane and their competitors have woken up, fired up and now overtaken them some may say. Continue reading

The Crisis Press Conference: How? – planning and execution

By Andy Cuerel

Last month we considered the ‘why and when’ of crisis press conferences – this week we consider the ‘how’.

Assuming your organisation has met the criteria for holding a crisis press conference what happens next? You will often only have a short timeframe to plan and execute the conference and there are a number of things to consider, whether logistically – physical environment, equipment etc, and delivery i.e. rules of engagement for speakers and facilitators. Continue reading

Steelhenge achieves certification to Business Continuity Standard ISO 22301

By Isobel Nicholas

Following our external certification audit on 21st March 2013, the Steelhenge Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) has been recommended for certification to ISO 22301, the international business continuity management standard.

Passed-Exam-Image-1It is particularly pleasing as the auditor gave the BCMS a clean bill of health with zero non-conformances of any kind.  So, congratulations to the Steelhenge BC team!

As business continuity specialists, we would expect our business continuity planning and BCMS to be up to scratch, but even though it was previously certified to BS 25999-2, an external audit to a newly published Standard is never taken lightly. This was particularly the case in transitioning from BS 25999-2 to ISO 22301 because of the significant number of new requirements in ISO 22301, plus the new standardized management structure introduced for the first time by the International Standards Organization in ISO 22301. Continue reading

Crisis Management Teams: None of us is as smart as all of us

By Katie Collison


When a crisis hits, there are those whose immediate reaction is to want to stand alone and fight it themselves. However, the most successful crisis responses are those undertaken by a pre-established and well-rehearsed crisis management team, not one or two individuals. Last month on this blog we explored the personality types of the crisis management ‘loners’; here we explore why it is so vital for crisis management to be a team mission, and not an individual pursuit.

Continue reading