Organisational Resilience: An Interview with Dominic Cockram

Dominic Cockram, CEO of Steelhenge Consulting, discusses Organisational Resilience in an interview with Nigel Allen at Business Continuity World 2012:

The slide pack from the Dominic’s keynote speech on Organisational Resilience can be found here, and the BCI White Paper on Organisational Resilience to which Dominic refers in the above interview is available here.

About Katie Collison

Senior Consultant. Steelhenge’s longest-serving Project Manager, heading up business continuity exercises for public and private sector organisations.

One thought on “Organisational Resilience: An Interview with Dominic Cockram

  1. Reblogged this on buridansblog and commented:
    This interview provides a useful overview of Organizational Resilience, a hot topic in the business continuity industry. Yesterday, the 5th Committee of the General Assembly approved the Organizational Resilience Management System (ORMS) as the emergency management framework for the United Nations Secretariat. You can read more about ORMS at the United Nations in the Report of the Secretary-General on ORMS under A/67/266, and find the 5th Committee resolution under A/C.5/67/L.23, on the United Nations Secretariat Official Document System (

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