Characteristics of a Crisis: A view from the inside

By Dominic Cockram

Many people (fortunately) have scant experience of dealing with crises, so what does a crisis look and feel like from the inside?

C – complexity and uncertainty

R – responsibility for far-reaching decisions without complete information

I – impact of events on your organisation’s people, performance, reputation and bottom line

S – scrutiny from the media, stakeholders, the general public, and possibly the law

I – interaction with people who wouldn’t normally work together

S – stressful working conditions in a high-pressure and unfamiliar environment

Crises require management in the extreme: the pressure is immense, the stakes are high and the situation is volatile. Many organisations fail to appreciate the scale and speed of the response required when a crisis hits until it is too late. However, crisis management plans, training and exercising all help make sure that your people can perform at their best, even when a crisis strikes.

Cornerstones of Crisis Management Thought Leadership Paper

To find out more about the essentials of crisis management, you can download the first white paper in Steelhenge’s thought leadership series ‘Crisis Management: Key Themes to Success’ for free:

About Dominic Cockram

Founder and MD of Steelhenge. Pioneer of simulation exercises with over 20 years experience in business continuity and crisis management. Dominic is an experienced speaker determined to make the world a more resilient place.

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