Where next for organisational resilience?

By Dominic Cockram

Yesterday we gave a presentation at the BCM World conference entitled ‘‘Culture, Behaviour and Disciplines: Mapping the Needs for a Resilient Organisation” – Thanks to all who made it a great discussion about what creates resilience and how it can be benchmarked and mapped in a useful way.

It was excellent to gain feedback from business continuity practitioners – a (healthily) cynical and well-informed audience if ever there was one!

The key conclusions drawn from our presentation and the subsequent debate were:

  1. Resilience must demonstrate its value to management if it is to be taken up
  2. 98% agreed that mapping resilience through models merited more attention and further development
  3. The importance of keeping models simple and straightforward – to be easily understood by busy management

We were delighted with the enthusiasm our work received and we will be now looking at how we should develop things further to achieve useful and value-adding outputs.

A copy of the presentation is available to view here and the original paper can be found on the BCI website or here. Download them for free and let us know your thoughts!

Read the presentation

About Dominic Cockram

Founder and MD of Steelhenge. Pioneer of simulation exercises with over 20 years experience in business continuity and crisis management. Dominic is an experienced speaker determined to make the world a more resilient place.

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