Corporate reputation: biggest asset, greatest vulnerability

By Dominic Cockram

What is it that companies fear most when a crisis hits? Or to put it another way, what do companies value most as a core asset?


We can see it in Barclay’s recent response to the Libor rate-fixing scandal. We regularly hear it first-hand from our clients going through crisis management and crisis communications training.

Crises present a unique opportunity for corporate reputations to be bolstered or battered, and with the vox populi stronger than ever, protecting reputation rightly finds itself among the top priorities of any corporate crisis response team.

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Cyber Security and the 2012 Olympics

With just one week to go until the Opening Ceremony, London is buzzing! The summer Olympics in London offer an incredible opportunity for athletes, spectators and whole nations to come together in celebration of sporting achievement. Unfortunately, the London 2012 Games will also offer a unique opportunity for criminals to defraud large numbers of people. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it was reported that China suffered 12 million online attacks per day, and officials at this summer’s London Olympics have already reported 124 known scams that have targeted millions of consumers. In the past four months, fraudulent activity targeting smartphones has increased by 800% in the UK, which has been linked to the fast-approaching Olympic Games. Smartphones offer a new, easily targeted and particularly vulnerable chink in the armour of cyber security. Continue reading

Hello Crisis Thinkers!

Welcome back to our new, revamped and rejuvenated blog. We’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, keeping busy with many projects and preparing our clients for London 2012, but now that the Olympics are just around the corner (how time flies!) we are back. We will be using this space to discuss all things crisis – providing you with top tips on resilience planning and crisis management, giving our two pennies’ worth as crises unfold, and answering any queries or questions you may have.

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